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Design your own non-lethal weapon! Bedazzler


What encourages me to write this post is the awful black Wednesday of  Khobar, Saudi Arabia. For those who don’t know Khobar, it’s a quite and nice city on the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia where Aramco “famous Oil company” exists. Last Wed, Saudi Arabia celebrated it’s national day, however, some few teenagers destroyed some restaurants, showrooms and shops, and officials claim that the total loss was around $125,000!! Read more here

So how can we control these teenagers?

Here’s a simple non-lethal weapon that can give cops a quick control.  It’s based on the use of  LED flashlight to produce pulses of different colors at 10 Hz that affect your brain. Just press the button and the suspect will immediately run away!

The device is called the “Bedazzler” based on LEDs which are controlled using Arduino that generates PWM signals. It operates by a 9V battery!

The complete circuit and code can be found here. Thanks so much to Ladyada!

Let’s hope we celebrate a safe national day next year!


6 thoughts on “Design your own non-lethal weapon! Bedazzler

  1. قوات مكافحة الشغب بتسلم عليك .. وتقديرا لخدماتك الجليله بتعرض عليك عقد عمل في أي بلد عربي يناسبك 🙂 🙂 ـ

    هذا التعليق “ديسبوزابل” .. يمسح بعد قرائته :)ـ

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