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Water Powerd Battery

To me, this year has been full of amazing new technologies that really hit the ground. Ranging from components like Memoristor and ending with consumer electronics applications like Wireless Power. It’s been really fascinating!

Now what’s next?

Water Powered batteries are here. Yes, just drop some water in it and let the party begin.

I had seen some interesting youtubes covering this technology, watch this one:


and it turned out that the company behind it was Aqua Power System from Japan. Reading more in their profile, the company stated that research on this type of batteries about 18 years ago, where they produced 0.2mA only. Currently, they claim their batteries can produce up to 1.2A!

How does it work?

It works by reaction of water and natural substances such as special alloy like aluminum, magnesium and cupronickel generating electric power by natural chemical reaction.

Sounds interesting!

I can see a bright future for this technology in many fields like: military, medical, consumer products if it was proved to be working perfect as claimed!


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  1. Thank you Paul for passing by!

    You’re right, alternative energy sources are becoming more familiar nowadays.
    However,as I live in Saudi Arabia, where sun rays are everywhere and it’s very hot, I’m disappointed that solar energy is not utilized at all. Here, we have very large areas that can benefit from solar energy.
    I wish that someday I can do something to this issue.

    Keep visiting us!

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