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TI E2E (Engineer-to-Engineer) Community!

Continuing our talk that we started about online design support tools, today I’m gonna discuss a very useful online resource widely used by engineers around the world.  There, you can find blogs, forums and videos that will add a lot to your experience.

What’s it?

It’s the TI E2E: Texas Instruments Engineer-to-Engineer  online community found by Texas Instruments. Personally I like it so much  and there you’ll find your peer engineers who will share  their technical challenges & solutions. TI E2E

So don’t waste your time and sign in from here to start your exciting experience.


How To Read A Standard Logic Datasheet?

Like that?

So let’s meet there!

3 thoughts on “TI E2E (Engineer-to-Engineer) Community!

  1. Thanks Nancy for that!
    Of course I’ll contact them when I need.
    Actually, a month ago I started being an addict of TI although I’ve been using tens of TI products in my designs!
    It all started with my lovely ISO3082 Isolated RS485 driver, where I had nice discussion with TI application engineers from Turkey. It was amazing and I’m seriously enjoying TI’s support.
    That’s why I started reading all TI related stuff and luckily found E2E site.
    Thanks TI!

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