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Duracell Wireless battery charger..soon in Oct.

I wrote a post five months ago discussing the nature of wireless power which implements e-coupled technology  based on wireless-power-transmissiona resonance induction between a primary transformer that sends data and power to a secondary transformer attached to your device. At that time I thought it would take manufacturers at least a year or more to release some products in the market that use this technology. I was wrong!

Recently, Duracell has just announced the release of their wireless battery charger Mygrid that works with Apple, Nokia, Motorola, etc. So now it’s time to say Goodbye to long cables and wires!

I just got two concerns:

1. Is it safe? Wouldn’t it affect our skin? Some health issues must first be confirmed before running for it.

2. What is the actual distance where I can charge perfectly?

What else do you think?


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