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Google Power Meter!

Google has announced the development of a new hardware project called Power Meter that left every metering company worried about their future with this initiative that might lead them to market share losses.

What is Google power meter?

It is a special gadget installed at every appliance in your home that calculates power consumption and then sends this data using a wireless module “XigBee” to your PC that runs a Google software which displays your power consumption. The purpose of this project is to educate the community on power reduction techniques and try to save more energy.

Google has also mentioned a partnership agreement with some US utility companies as well as meters manufacturers who showed a positive interest in Google’s initiative program.

I think Google is trying to use its famous brand worldwide to deliver a message to its customers: Let’s save our planet!

If you checked Google’s official site you’ll understand why I said this. Currently, Google is focusing on two main topics: Clean Energy and Global Health that, if well developed,  will have an impact on every country in the world.

Thanks to Google!

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