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USB connectivity for your projects

It happened so many times that I needed to interface my projects to a laptop or desktop to upgrade a firmware or update a code on ucontroller. It was hard for me at that time with no experience at all to know where to start from.

Now, thanks to Microchip for their family PIC18F1Xk that has a USB interface which supports USB2.0! Yes, it also supports I2C & SPI interfaces that are widely used in embedded systems.

How about cost? less that $2 you can get that awesome device and if you paid $40 you can even get the development board DM164127 to burn your codes on PIC18F13k50.

Don’t wait! go and get your hands dirty.USB

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Sherlock Ohms Challenge!

Are you a good test engitestneer?  If yes, then click here to take Sherlock Ohms challenge to investigate the reason behind some failing boards. The link provides you with some more challenges to see how good you’re in investigating hardware systems. 

You can also click here to take another challenge and dig more into electronic components and see how to figure out some missing componentts.

I like those links because they provide you of what the real situation in the field might be. Hardware testing or investigation is not an easy job as it seems to be and even a silly mistake could fail a complete system for tens of hours.  Having good practices and maintaining a high quality procedures would definitely help you to master testing.

Have a good testing!

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Twittering + Circuits = Amazing gadgets

Everybody knows that people have been using twitter to update their friends of what they are doing right now wherever they are in the world. Basically, twitter became a revolutionary tool that keeps our eyes opened on every abandoned part of the world from Japan to Morocco and from far north to far south.

The story doesn’t end with news or regular tweets, surprisingly gadget freaks came up with a terrific gadget that lets every machine at your office or home use twitter!

Yes! Imagine that your toaster, washing machine or even your toilet sends regular tweets to alert you of their current status. That looks great doesn’t it?

So today I’ll be discussing  two nice gadgets that enable appliances to send tweets.

1. Twittering Office Chair: found  here: The idea is based on a sensor, a controller and software that will send updates to twitter using Internet from your PC. It teaches you how to interface a sensor to a micro-controller and write a simple code to communicate with twitter. The PDF explains to you a step by step explanation of how to build this gadget.

2. Tweet-a-Watt: Another nice green gadget found on here used for wireless power monitoring. It tweets your electric power consumption on regular bases. This gadget, which I really liked, helps people to consume less power since it gives them a visual indication of their power consumption.

Have a nice tweet!