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200 Transistor Circuits

200 Transistor Circuits

Thanks to for the great file that covers many simple concepts based on transistors.

The file is amazing and I advise any electronic hobbyist to start with. It covers many electronic principles like: switching, sensing, logic, amplifiers, etc. That will keep your eyes wide and open to different applications of transistors.

Don’t miss it!

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Tokyo subway converts footfalls into electricity

Tokyo subway has introduced a new concept of converting footsteps into electricity by means of piezoelectric devices that can convert kinetic energy into electricity. This electricity then can be used to light the subway.

The experiment was started in 2006 and since then data was analyzed and proved that the concept can be implemented at crowded areas to make use of footsteps. The experiment was run by Tokyo’s Keio University and public research body New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization.

Recently, many applications have revolved in the market that generate electricity based on Faraday principle which states that if a  conductor moves into a magnetic field, electricity can be generated.  I’ve posted a topic that discusses an application named Shake it to charge it that basically implements this principle.


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Sim card hacking & microcontroller projects

Welcome back  electronic enthusiasts! Here is some good news for you:

1. Gadget Gangster: Want to share your own projects or looking for good microcontroller based projects? Start from here

2. Citizen Engineer: Who doesn’t know the famous MIT media lab student Limor? I guess you might have heard of the wave bubble project which she developed some years back to jam mobile phones. Now again Limor introduced a Zine version with video tutorials. This month featuring project is about Sim card hacking. Find it here

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Mr. Bean..was electrical engineer!

Yes that’s true! Mr. Bean “Rowan Atkinson” the famous English actor was an electribeancal engineer!

Hold on..Jimmy Carter was a US president and a nuclear engineer!

Herbert Hoover,  a former US president and also a mining engineer!

I was really shocked when I was reading this blog that mentioned “Ten Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Engineers”

So do you really have to be an engineer in order to be a shinning star? or is engineering just a small door that expands your vision?

Let’s hope I can make something big in the next 10 years, who knows?