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ITEX 09 Kuala Lumpur

I was just reading my daily newspaper in Kuala Lumpur, Straits Timesand fortunately found and Ad. for ITEX 09.

What’s ITEX 09?

“ITEX is the region’s leading exhibition to showcase new inventions, new technologies and products, with the aim to secure investment, manufacturing and commercialisation prospects and partners. The exhibition brings together a showcase of inventions and innovations by universities, research institutions, and individual inventors and from the corporate sectors from the Asean, Asia and Europe countries. ” This is as per their website. 

I was surprized when I knew that the event was organized just 100m from where I was living! I grabbed  my digital camera and then directly headed to the ITEX.

I arrived at the main gate where the registration is taking place. It was like a symphony! Everything is organized in a way that will widen your eyes so you will say wow!

I finished registration in 5 min. got my badge and then  entered through the main gate. I was rushing like I’m just waiting for a date. I started visiting every single booth from every country like: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Singapore, etc. Majority of the projects displayed can be categorized under Graduation projects.  The projects cover so many fields like: medical applications, agriculture, IT, electronics, entertainment, etc. I started shooting some photos of the best projects that I liked. To be honest, the idea behind this event is quite clear: let’s educate our young generation to make their own start-ups using their own projects. This is what I like in Malaysia, they show you the right path and give you tools! This is more than enough for and educated person. I got the chance to meet some of the prize winners and had a little chat on how they get funds, how they develop their projects. I’ll probably write another post to cover some technical stuff regarding projects.

Anyway, the event is good but I think some electronics projects should must be filtered out right from the beginning. Because I come from a technical background, I understand how easy were some projects that can be considered as weekend projects and not for such an event. So I think it would be better if the projects to be filtered out to give visitors a better prospect and flavor of the nature of the event. Other than this, everything else was up to my expectation and I was fascinated by the high numbers of fenale inventors!

Thanks Malaysia for such a nice event!

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Simplicity Event

I was just searching You Tube and luckily found an interesting link of a famous company talking about their newly designed products. It was amazing how far did this company reach with its projection of the future. Check it here

Simplicity is the key!

The company is well recognized by its Simplicity concept. It’s like a philosophy the company fosters in its future products. Designers there used to bring up new ideas, develop them and then end up with a fascinating prototype of the concept. Concepts cover many fields like: medical applications, lightning, living room, kids entertainment, etc.

The company is: Philips

Philips organizes a show called ” Simplicity Event” every year that displays the company’s latest technologies and ideas.  It’s really worth it  to attend, because it will charge your batteries and let you think out of the box. Being there will give the opportunity to meet those innovative designers around the world who have been developing amazing concepts.

To check out last year’s concepts:

How about this year?

Unfortunately, I contacted their marketing team and the answer was no for 2009! 🙁  I can understand why! Economic crisis is hitting everywhere.

So I advice anyone who’s in love with innovation to read more about Philips Event and try to attend it soon.

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How to order components for your project?

Many of use have done a project or more during their college life. I still remember the hassle we used to go through when it comes to components availability in local market. In Middle East area, electronics components suppliers are very rare and finding all what you need in a one-stop shop seems to be a nightmare for amatures.

I moved to industry a couple of years ago and things here are much easier than academia. Thanks to Internet because anyone now can make his order of components and within two weeks your components are here!.


Let’s take an example: Say we’re looking for a diode whose part number is 1N4148.

Step 1: If you know the part number, then that’s great!  enter it at the search box at any of these famous distributors:


 Hit enter and then you’ll have something like this:


Step2: You’ve to refine the results by choosing some more details to narrow them. Let’s say we need a through hole axial, mounting type. Then click on it and press Apply Filters and you should have something like this:



The results which are displayed contain a lot of details like: price, rated voltage & current, size, temperature coefficient, etc. Look at the right column of every result in a row, you’ll find a link to PDF file that contains a datasheet.

Step3: Place your order by clicking on the item you want and  then specify the quantity. Sometimes a distributor needs a MOQ (minimum order quantity) below which you can’t place your request so try always to select a component as cut-tape ( term used for few components order). You should have something like this if things go right:

Proceed without log-in
Proceed without log-in


Choose “Without log-in” if you don’t have an account with digikey. Finally you’ll fill the application and select shipping method.

We’re done!


1. Make sure of the package size: a friend of mine at KFUPM made a request for an op amp and surprisingly he received an SMD (Surface Mount Device) package which is difficult for an amature to solder. So try always to select the appropriate package size.

2. Always read the datasheet to understand your component very well. It contains so many details, so use the ones you really need, like: how to build the part number, absolute maximum ratings, etc.

3. Usually, a datasheet conatins a sepcail section at the end which has a simple application or some tips on how to use the compenent. Don’t miss that!

Oops! that’s enough for today 🙂

If you’re interested in this topic, let me know so I can post some more details and make it as a series.